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immerseLive is a content production company, utilising award winning broadcast graphics technology, to deliver the next generation of presentation content.

When existing production methods such as Powerpoint & Keynote just doesn’t cut it, and the only alternative of playing back pre-rendered video including After Effects / Motion content just isn’t flexible enough for your client, we have the answer. Combining real-time 2d/3d broadcast style graphics, Powerpoint, Keynote or external source capture with video playback and 3D models, we deliver stunning content design, creation and programming for the next generation of HD, 4k+, and Widescreen Projection displays.

Whether you require traditional sequential presentations, one slide at a time, or interactive content control, we can allow the presenter or audience to participate in live, instant content recall. Using motion-tracking equipment including Touchscreens, Microsoft Kinnect & Rotational laser scanners, we allow interactive gesture controlled presentations, from small to large scale.

Working in real-time, not requiring rendering, not only allows interaction with your content, but also live data streams to dynamically update the content. Virtually any content including text, images, charts or 3D objects and animations can be driven from live data. Whether stored in Excel, Databases, live from the internet or streams of XML data, your content can be updated live on screen.

When considering your options for content design & delivery for your next presentation or exhibition, immerseLive provides design, programming and delivery for stunning, fluid, broadcast style dynamic presentations.

Whether video, complex animation, 2D and 3D graphics, or real-time data streams,

we allow for a seamless integration of all of your content in a new fluid environment.

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Immerse Live implements a real-time 3D authoring system.

It combines the worlds of logic, animation, compositing and design.

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Complete freedom of creativity paired with data connectivity,

state-logic animation and instant implementation of interactivity

allows for content that is truly immersive.