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JCB Results Presentation


To create a interactive presentation to allow the monthly global sales results to be displayed.


  • Animated Globe to represent graphically each sales region when selected
  • Client Operates Presentation
  • Client to update sales results each month




The existing presentation used Keynote, already using a animated globe to visualise the sales regions,  JCB asked us to rework the globe in 3D.  The globe was modelled to allow each sales region to be independently animated.  Real world surface images were used to accurately represent the geography of each region to add realism.  

The sales results would have to be displayed as a plus or minus percentage figure.  We designed a simple but attractive multi-depth 3D “pie chart,” with the percentage figure depicted in the middle, and a “colour canal” which filled with green for positive and red for negative around the chart to graphically represent the result.  At the same time, the globe would zoom and rotate to the sales region in question.


Control Interface:

We had to produce a solution to allow the client to operate the presentation themselves, from one laptop, providing complete flexibility to allow selection of any region, in any order. Using a feature of Ventuz could “remoting” we built a simple windows application control interface that could run on the laptop screen to trigger the animations, while the presentation was output to the projector from the same laptop. 

Each sales region had a button which triggered the globe to animate to that region. On the same cue, the sales percentage data would be read from the database (see below), enabling the animation of the pie chart, and the result to be displayed.  We added functionality via further buttons, to allow reset to the “Walk-In” look and title banner options for presenter names or other data.



Database Connectivity:

To allow us to provide JCB a solution where they could update the sales results themselves, without having knowledge of the system, we used the “Database Connectivity” feature of the system. For simplicity we chose to use Excel, simple to enter data, and easy to understand for the client.

We created a spreadsheet, listing all the sales regions available in column 1, followed by the coresponding sales result in column 2. Each region button on the control interface was linked to its corresponding country in the spreadsheet, and therefore also the sales figure.

We added functionality to allow the colour of each sales region on the globe to be changed, by reading the “Cell Colour Fill” information from corresponding region cell name.

This method also allowed live updates to be performed while the presentation was running.  Edits could be made to the figures, and when the spreadsheet was saved, the changes would be dynamically updated, including animations.

We added a second sheet, to enable the “title bar” text to be added / changed in the same manor.  This was chosen to be used  for presenter name & job title.

Finally we provided the option to allow update of the JCB branding (top right) from the spreadsheet, by populating a cell with the URL to the image file.  Thus the image could be changed, and the URL updated.



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