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JCB World Dealer 2013



To create a presentation to open the JCB World Dealer Conference 2013, and launch JCB’s new “attributes.”


    • Presentation must be controlled by onsite Powerpoint operator, with no knowledge of the system 
    • Presentation must be sequential akin to Powerpoint
    • Presentation must include still image and video playback
    • Presentation must include live iPad application demo
    • System must have live backup
    • Content must adhere to existing templates used in other Powerpoint graphics
    • Content (Video, Images & Text) must be editable for regional changes

Onsite Requests;

    • Create a solution to display video duration time



Basic Control / Sequential Presentation:

JCB requested our solution must be able to be controlled by the Powerpoint operator, both from script, and from cue light.  As the brief indicated the presentation wouldn’t require non-linear control, we decided to build the scene using the “Slide Manager” feature of the system. 

Slide Manager allows the system to construct a sequential, linear, slide based  environment.  Each “slide” contains content, with a “begin, animated and off” state.  Slide Manager also allows you to jump slides to either “begin” or “animated” state for complete flexibility.  This content sits inside a custom built 3D environment, which can be also animated.

This traditional content control environment, allowed both presenter and graphics operator to control the presentation using a familiar method.


Video / Image Integration:

JCB supplied us with video and images to include in the presentation.  This was no problem, the system supports most video and image formats, including files with transparency information, like .png, .tga, tiff aswell as video files like .mov, .wmv and .avi for example  files.  Both video & images files when imported are treated as “textures” within the system which can then be applied to any 3D geometry, simple or complex.

Multiple video and image files can be displayed simultaneously with sources well beyond 4k, thanks to the workstation grade hardware contained in our servers.


iPad application demo:

The presentation required a live demonstration of new iPad applications from the stage. We transported the output from an iPad via Apple TV, then into our DVI capture boards, and passed into the system.

The captured input from the iPad was then applied to the screen of a custom built 3D model of an iPad.  The applications ran both portrait and landscape on the iPad, therefore we had to create animated states for the 3D model in both landscape & portrait orientations




System Backup:

In a live presentation environment, we always provide fully redunadant backup hardware.  Two servers were connected to the vision mixer, with the backup running in tandem to the main server.  Power was backed up by a UPS supplied by us.


Content Template:

The theatre at JCB was host to multiple presentations, besides the keynote produced by us.  Therefore when designing the scene, we had to adhere to existing design cues.

The industrial “wireframe” look existed already amongst other Keynote & Powerpoint graphics, so this was the basis for all our design work, from the animated video / image frame, hex logo frames, background environment and floor.


Editable Content:

The 5 week show had delegates from all over the globe, requiring content to adapted to region specific information.  Working in a template based environment made this simple.  

Videos, Images and Text were added, changed or hidden as required for each region, with no changes being made to the overall design / environment.  

For ultimate flexibility, live, real-time content updates would be possible using the same system as used in our “JCB Sales Presentation” project, where the Text, Image & Video links could be fed from a database, or a simple excel spreadsheet.  With the presentation running, we could dynamically update this content from another machine, networked to the servers.


Video Duration:

Onsite we were tasked to provide a solution to allow the display of the duration of the videos.  We discussed outputting the duration and/or countdown on an external monitor, to allow the operator to count them out.  However we offered an alternative, to build the video duration into the content, viewable to the audience aswell, as a feature.

Using basic geometry, and the real-time video playback data, we produced what you can see below.  Now you know, watch the video for this project on the “Our Work” selection page, indicated by the magnifying glass icon on the thumbnail, and watch the solution in action.


Whether video, complex animation, 2D and 3D graphics, or real-time data streams,

we allow for a seamless integration of all of your content in a new fluid environment.